Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Progress :-D

Exciting things are happening:

Looking east (notice there's a window now), and....

looking west.  As you can see, there isn't much deck left now that the hot tub is here.  That's OK.  I wasn't going to entertain out there, anyhow.

The hot tub still has to be wired; the electrician is coming tomorrow to see what must be done.

Oh, and the guy who's going to erect our garage came today.  It won't be long until that project is started. 

Looks like I'm missing a lot of excitement, being gone just now.  Of course, I may be seeing a lot more excitement in Wisconsin that I'd see here!


fowfies said...

So you did decide to get a hot tub. Wow, you are really gonna be a queen in her castle now. :) I know you will enjoy it. The building built on looks really great. Kelly

magran42 said...

WOW   Wasn't exactly expecting that.  When you decide to do something you go at it in a big way.  Wishing you many enjoyable hours in that hot tub.

gen0507 said...

WOW!!  Things are happening.  Good for you!  I see you decided to get a hot tub!  Well enjoy!!!


bookncoffee said...

OH this is exciting.  
You all are going to love this!
You will be out there in that all winter.  
So fun to be in a hot tub in cold weather.

marainey1 said...

Wow !  A hottub.  How wonderful!  You have a really luxurious new home.  And oh how good that will make you feel.  I've only been in one a few times, but they seem to melt away any aches or pains one might have.  The house is looking really nice.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

That room now looks like part of the house. There looks to be room for you and Cliff to sit in chairs out there if you wanted. I am thinking that ya'll are going to enjoy the hot tub. Helen

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad you got the hot tub.  You can always make your deck larger later if you decide you want to do that.  It's really looking good.

mutualaide said...

You may be seeing a lot more excitement in Wisconsin, but think of the fun and excitement when you arrive home.

Thinking of Rena and hoping she holds up as she wants to.  

ksquester said...

It's all good, did you think of putting your hot tub to the left of your deck?   nevermind..............Anne

redpoppy007 said...

That looks so good, the extra room..
I would make the deck bigger..that would be a good place for a cookout and a party!.
Have fun.

nerves05 said...

WOW.. How nice.
I know you will enjoy it then it gets all set up.

Take care :-)

ryanagi said...

Meh. Just add a couple steps going down and then put in some pavers for a nice patio to entertain on.  Easy peesie.  LOVE the hottub. I have tub envy.