Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A message to Carrie (breakaway) and Nerves05

Back in June, I had two old rock magazines to get rid of, and staged a giveaway.  I was going to give both of them to the first person who commented that wanted them, which would have been Carrie (Breakaway1968).  However, after I contacted her, she felt Nerves05 ought to have them because she said her son would love to have them.

I've decided to send one magazine to each of them.

Carrie, I have your snail mail address.  Nerves05, please email me with yours.  I finally remembered to purchase manila envelopes in which to send them.

And to the first three folks who responded to my pay-it-forward entry, I'm starting to get some good ideas on what to send you, so hang in there.  I have not forgotten; I'm just a procrastinator. 


nerves05 said...

Oh yea!!!

I'm really excided.
Thanks Mrs Carrie (breakaway1968) for being so considerate of my son. That is really sweet.

He will be very happy to get this.
Thanks again Mrs. Mosie for sending me one.

I just sent you my address.

Have a great day!
Take care :-)

amy122389 said...

ACK!  I forgot my pay-it-forward people!  crikey.  I'm such a schmuck.


mutualaide said...

I waited a while on purpose to send out my pay-it-forward gifts.  I think the surprise element is part of the process.  Plus, if your forgetful, well, it 'covers' you.  hehehe