Friday, April 6, 2007

Vote for Melanie

There's somebody I've chatted with on message boards for a long, long time.  Because she has a way with words, definite opinions, and deep feelings, I suggested she start a blog.  Which she did.  She's in a contest right now that would win her a sizable amount of money, and she could use your votes.  You can vote once a day.  It won't cost you a cent.

Vote for Melanie.


deshelestraci said...

I voted.  Mainly because I used to live in Portland.  Great place!  Miss it.

connie7280 said...

 Hi Donna, glad your back.  I started reading you through my daughter (yarns and tall tails).  I am on Long Island and we used to be farm country but not anymore.  You bring back a lot of memories.   Connie7280(longislandgrandma)

rollinghillsides said...

Okie doke .... I voted for Melanie.   Happy Easter to all!

ickivic said...

So glad you're back, I thought AOL was messin' with me.  I could just hug you're little secret.  What a cutie!  I voted for Melanie and wish her luck.  Vicki

creelmd said...

Thanks, Donna! Not only for the mention, but for getting me into blogging in the first place.
And thanks to any who voted for me!