Wednesday, April 18, 2007

questions about the previous entry

A couple of you asked this question:  "What happens to the health of all those 'wild horses' in the country that don't have anyone to clean their sheath for them?"

Isn't that like asking, "What do wild dogs (coyotes, wolves, and foxes) do about fleas?"

They get by, of course.  If there's discomfort, they simply have to live with it (or die with it).

I've had geldings before, and had never even heard of the procedure of sheath-cleaning.  Obviously, they got by fine without it.   I learned about it because when I first got Blue, he kept rubbing his behind on any surface available.  So I went to Google (my eternal source of information) and did a search about horses scratching their butts, or something similar.  Yep.  I did.  I learned that, since he couldn't scratch where it really itched, he scratched his butt.

That's how I found out the source of his discomfort.

Now where else could you learn all this useful stuff?



mutualaide said...

Now ever time I see a horse (male or female) scratching something, I'll wonder, "just what really itches?"  LOL

astaryth said...

Boo (and the rest of the horses I take care of --with the exception of the two babies) lets me put the hose --with power nozzle!-- in that area when I rinse or bathe him. This keeps him fairly clean. Then, every couple of months I just put some Excalibur (special cleaning stuff) up there and finish his bath. At the end I rinse him well and check for the bean. Since he's had this done all 16 years of his life he just thinks that humans are odd and stands there <LOL> Actually, I think he likes the rinsing with the power nozzle!

Another tidbit for your readers that are here to learn a little something.... when you breed horses (especially if you are doing it AI), you wash the stallion very well before breeding so you don't have to worry about the mare getting an infection. AND, most of the studs seem to like it <ROFL>

lorinokla said...

Scooter still has swelling inhis sheath, even after the vet was out in Sept. I am at a loss on how to get rid of the swelling.

I clean him 2x a year but he is dirtier than most geldings Ive seen. I have no idea why!

ickivic said...

I'm getting to have a wealth of horse information, thanks!   Vicki

plieck30 said...

You sure get in there and dig out what you need to know. Paula

csandhollow said...

LOL at astar! I bet those studs do like it! LOL

ora4uk said...

thanks....another gem of education I had done without for so many year.....finally has been answered....I figured if a horse or any animal was rubbing up agains anything....they just itched...never thought WHY????  LOLOL...thanks again Mosie...Hugs from KY...Ora