Sunday, April 22, 2007

postcards from Branson

Cliff's sister and her husband had a plan for the weekend:  We'd all ride our motorcycles to Springfield, Missouri, and talk to some fellow who makes motorcycle trailers.  They planned to come back the same day, Saturday.

Since Cliff and I had been wanting to go to Branson for an overnighter to go to Dixie Stampede, this was a perfect opportunity.  Branson is only about forty miles from Springfield.  Charlene and Pat would head toward home, we'd go on to see our show and spend the night.

We couldn't make connections with the guy in Springfield, and somewhere along the line, Charlene and Pat decided to go on to Branson with us.  So we picked up tickets at the Dolly Parton Theater (they're often sold out) and got a motel nearby, so we could walk back to see our show.  Being on the busy 76 Strip when the shows all let out at once isn't fun, even in a car.  On a motorcycle, it's worse.

We got one room with two queen beds for $62.  Not bad!

We had lots of laughs and a great ride, both going down and coming home... although it was awfully windy today.

Dixie Stampede is the most fun experience in Branson.  The audience is divided between between the north and the south, and there's lots of audience participation.  The most scrumptious food is served in a timely and entertaining manner (you have to eat it with your fingers, though).  Oh, and there are horses!  That alone makes it great, right?

They won't allow pictures taken at Dixie Stampede, so I bought four post cards.  My scanner no longer works, so I simply took pictures with my digital camera.  It worked pretty good except for a glare that showed up on them.


madcobug said...

Glad that you all had a good weekend. You did a good job on taking pictures of those postcards. Sounds like a fun time. Helen

rollinghillsides said...

Looks like a great show, and that you had a marvelous weekend, good for you!  Hotel for that price seems outrageously inexpensive compared to what you find in CT.   Have a wonderful week, as well.    Judy

marainey1 said...

It all sounds wonderful.  It's good to get away and have good friends or family to enjoy it with !  'On Ya' - ma

tendernoggle said...

Me and Danny have gone to Dixie Stampede twice...and loved it both times...Well worth the money!
Glad to hear that yall had a good time!
love ya,

deshelestraci said...

We went to the Dixie Stampede in Gatlinburg, TN last September.  It is a lot of fun!  Glad you had a good time!

lmitc89854 said...

I've gone to Dixie Stampede twice. Lots of fun!  

fowfies said...

Not allowed to take pictures....dang it, that had to be disheartening...glad you got the postcards to show us anyway.  It sounds like a lot of fun!

mutualaide said...

I get so annoyed when I'm not allowed to take pictures.  Why not? Okay, I know why ... that was rhetorical.  But if I was the media ....

Glad you had a nice trip.  Looks like Dixie Stampede is a fun place to go!