Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Planning my day

Unless Cliff has plans that involve me, I'm going to ride Blue this morning as soon as the girls are off to school.  I'll skip my daily walk with Cliff, because it seems like by the time Cliff and I finish our half-hour walk, it's often close to 10 o'clock... and time to start our noon meal.  And today, shortly after dinner (noon meal), the vet is scheduled to visit.  Which is why I intend to take a morning ride.  Because Blue may be tipsy this evening.

The vet will give my horses the usual yearly vaccinations; he'll check to see if their teeth need floating; and because it's been three years since it's been done, he'll clean Blue's sheath.  I will not be taking pictures of that particular procedure to share on my journal, so rest easy, gentle readers. 

To get him to allow a stranger to work on such a sensitive area, Blue will need to be sedated.  No riding tonight.

And I'm sure I'll need some sedation to recover from the vet's bill.

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fowfies said...

Hmmmmm....and I say hmmmmm again. LOL Just read the article, had no idea this had to be done...Derby is also due for his shots soon.  I will have to ask the doc about this cleaning process. I don't know if I can do that myself, or if I even want to! It would be like Ron Whites exerpt on taking the dog to the vet for sperm donation..the doc says come on back and I will show you how to do this so you can do it at home and just bring in the sperm! Ron says Uhhh no thanks doc, that dog follows me around too much as it is...LOL. Now I have a stupid question, what do horses out in the wild do about this "bean"?

rollinghillsides said...

Oh my goodness Mosie, see what we all learn from your journal!  So, does this mean that 'Marlboro Man and Ree' must have this 'cleaning' done periodically to their 200-plus herd of horses???  What a monumental task  t'would be, indeed (and I just thought of something .. what happens to the health of all those 'wild horses' in the country that don't have anyone to clean their sheath for them??)!  More work than I have ever imagined is involved in owning horses.  You're in for a busy day, I'm sure.   Judy

mutualaide said...

Enjoy your ride.  Well, we all learn quite a bit when we visit here ... LOL

deshelestraci said...

I used to ride a gelding who would get so dirty that you could hear a sound as he trotted.  He was a good boy though and I got the lovely task of cleaning him. Good times, good times.  Oh the joys of horse ownership!

csandhollow said...

When we had the vet out to float our gelding teeth he check the "part" and asked if I had just cleaned him. I had not done so, did not know I was supposed to. We had had the horse for a year. He said that he was very clean. Weird.
I wonder, what do they do in the wild?

ora4uk said...

Now I know why I am a happy "city" girl....but I do enjoy reading (and I learn) your journals....hugs from KY...Ora