Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Photo Shoot: Blue Skies

John Scalzi has given us our weekly Monday Photo Shoot.

"Your Monday Shoot: Picture some blue, blue skies. Wide stretches of blue are the goal here. Fluffy clouds are great, too -- but try to get the skies mostly blue. Interesting stuff in the foreground is groovy, too."

Here's mine, taken at my town's cemetery overlooking the Missouri River Bottoms:

If you join in, be sure and leave the link to your individual entry in the comment section over at By The Way.


ernhrtfanalwys3 said...

LOL cool photo! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the buzzard shot! Buzzards and a graveyard...perfect together!

toonguykc said...

After the death of my mom -- I never thought I'd find cemetaries beautiful & comfortable the way I always did before...but I still do.  They are are very peaceful places.


madcobug said...

Good shot. A very peaceful looking place. Helen

gaboatman said...

Now, that's a big blue sky, allright.  Nice shot!

lorinokla said...

cool photo! I like old cemeterys. I also like blue skies but none today, severe weather day in OK, I hope it miss you..

fowfies said...

Very nice!