Friday, April 13, 2007

I saw the sun!

Yesterday turned out to be not such a bad day:  Because it started out chilly and cloudy, we decided to get the grocery-shopping done.  We went to the Wal-Mart across the river, and as we were passing the barber shop Cliff patronizes lately, he decided to stop and get a "Cliffie".

Cliff likes his hair short in summer, especially now that he wears a motorcycle helmet a lot.  So he asks the barber for a "Princeton" haircut, which is so outdated that younger barbers never heard of it.  But years ago when he worked at the butcher shop, his young co-workers dubbed his short haircut "the Cliffie". 

Anyway.  I had the two books along that my friend, Jen, had sent me, so I was prepared for what appeared to be quite a wait.  But right beside the barber shop is a beauty shop, and I needed a haircut (my beautician closed her shop recently).  I went inside and found a very personable lady who had not one customer at the time.  I believe I've found the right person to cut my hair!  So that's settled.  Oh, I did have a touch of "sticker shock" when she said it would be $13, because Connie only charged $7.  But I always knew she was way cheaper than anybody else, and I'm sure in the city a haircut costs more than I paid yesterday.

My son-in-law picked up the granddaughters early, which gave me time for a rare evening ride; and I wasted no time in saddling Blue.  I was almost ready to leave when my grandson, Arick, showed up.  He came out to ride the paint he's been working on, so we rode together.  The paint, by the way, is behaving much better, considering he bucked Arick off when he first arrived here.  We even went up the highway a little, and traffic didn't bother him at all.


marainey1 said...

Right now the sun is coming up over Northern Ohio !  It is a beautiful sight.  It won't last very long though.  13 dollors is about what I would pay for a hair cut too!  My boys all wore that princeton cut when they were at home.  I can't believe they didn't know what it was, I thought it was a classic and still see people with that cut.  'On Ya' - ma

bookncoffee said...

Wonder what the Cliffie looks like.  LOL.  I pay in the twenties for my Amada hair cuts.  They always look better.  One time it was in the thirties ---b/c I let her style it.

deshelestraci said...

$7 for a hair cut?!  Even $13 is dirt cheap!  Evening rides are the best!  Sounds fun!

amiragabrielle said...

That's funny about the "Princeton" haircut. My son who is 23 use to get the Princeton cut at the Barbers too. Now of course, he just buzzes it himself with clippers at home. I do remember taking Jay-J abt every 3 weeks to get his haircut.


lorinokla said...

it sounded like you had a good day yesterday! busy but good.

I was going to grt to ride this afternoon but it is t-storming in Oklahoma..darn it

countrylady4071 said...

Yes, $13 for a hair cut now a days is very cheap.  The sun is finally shinning here in Va today too...but look out for tomorow afternoon through Sunday.  We are supposed to get heavy downpours with wind and colder temps....Where is Spring??  I hope you and Cliff have a great weekend.

toonguykc said...

I paid 12 bucks for my last haircut and got lots of compliments on it.  Until I get photographed for a spread in "People" magazine, I'm not going to pay more than that for a trim!!


connie7280 said...

Around Long Island New York haircuts go for $30 and up for women.  Men can get one in our town for $9  I believe at the new barber in town. ($7 if your a senior). I`ve seen a few women in there but you have to want your hair very very short.