Sunday, April 8, 2007

I do love a good choir

There's only one place I want to be on any given Easter Sunday, and that's New Life, the Church I attended for many years.  Pastor Rusty and the choir there are as good as any I've heard anywhere.  And they didn't disappoint me today.

Before the program started, Pastor Jack said that during a certain appropriate song, which he named, everyone could take Communion.  At this time, the ushers passed out something that was new to me and Cliff... a Communion packet. 

It's an individual packet with the Communion wafer sealed on top to be opened first, and the grape juice in a cup below.  Seems like a good idea, for sure.  Only I wish we'd taken the time to examine ours before the lights went down.

Near the end of the service the choir began singing the song that signaled Communion.  The lights were low, and we struggled, trying to free a wafer from its packet.  Forgive us, Lord, but we got tickled.  At a time when one is supposed to be solemn, remembering the sacrifice made for our souls... Cliff and I were stifling giggles.

Cliff finally got our packets open by the last line of the song.

I hope God had a sense of humor this morning.

Oh, if you'd like to hear the choir I heard this morning, go HERE for a listen.


marainey1 said...

That communion packet is something entirely new to me.  Our bread and wine are placed on the alter and the body and blood of our Lord Jesus is distributed from the alter. Every one lines up and goes to the front to receive.  I'm sure the good Lord never misses an opportunity to SMILE.  This is truly a day to rejoice and be glad !  'On Ya' - ma

hestiahomeschool said...

God has an incredible sense of humor. Look at penises. Look at platypuses.  He understood.

love, Kas

mutualaide said...

God surely has a sense of humor ... just take a look at the world we live in!  So happyu your Easter service didn't disappoint you.

lmitc89854 said...

Thank you for the heads up on that choir! I can't believe I lived in Oak Grove all those years and never went to that church. I find a good choir to be so uplifting. Happy Easter!

ksquester said...

This is perfect. I have a fear of communion, because of the germs. I don't even like to shake hands at the services.......germs.  ewwwwwwww!   Now I realy like this idea of your own sanitized packet.  Ane

plieck30 said...

Never heard of those communion packets but they seem a good idea. Sure God didn't mind the stiffled giggles. Paula