Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally, springtime again

When my daughter is out of town on a business trip, the son-in-law brings me to their house to watch the girls.  Otherwise he'd have to drag them out of bed at 5 AM, to bring them to my house.

I'm always up by 5, so this works fine.  They have computers, after all.  I can read blogs or (as I'm doing right now) make a journal entry.  And the granddaughters can sleep in until 7. 

Yesterday was a perfect day, and I enjoyed a long horseback ride with my grandson, Arick.  Today looks to be even better.  Cliff's talking about ordering fertilizer for our grass hay-field.

I'm really hoping for a getaway to Branson on the Honda, this weekend.  The weather forecast is "iffy":  40% chance of rain on Sunday.  I'm a wimp, and after a bad experience, years ago, riding a motorcycle with Cliff in a thunderstorm, it doesn't take much threat of bad weather to discourage me from a road trip.  So we'll see what happens.  If we go, it will just be Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday.  We're saving Cliff's vacation days for my son's visit in July, and our Colorado vacation.


marainey1 said...

It usually doesn't rain here unless it is more than 50% chance.  Hope you get your weekend away.  'On Ya' 0

madcobug said...

It was 32.4º this far south this morning. Bring on the spring temps. Helen

deshelestraci said...

It was so cold here in TN yesterday that it was snowing!  It is supposed to be warm today but we'll see.

tendernoggle said...


lorinokla said...

I hope the weather behaves so you can go this weekend!

The photos of you riding yesterday were great! a perfect day for it.

mutualaide said...

I hope the weather cooperates for you.  About all we can say here is that winter just won't give up!