Thursday, April 5, 2007

e-mail buddies

I've mentioned Cliff's cousin, Edna, in this  journal before.  I met her early in our marriage, but I really didn't get to know her then. 

When I got my first computer, Cliff's brother's wife, who was raised down in that same area, received an e-mail and noticed Edna's name and email on it.  She forwarded it to me and wrote, "Edna's e-mail is on here, if you want to get in touch with her."

So I did, telling her in the subject line, "This is Clifford's wife."

That was six or seven years ago.  And ever since, Edna has sent me e-mails she thought might be of interest to me.  She's sent me some dillies, too.  Cute little videos (The Fruitcake Lady was my favorite), inspirational websites, you name it.  Every once in awhile in the subject line you'll see "XXX not for children".  Which I appreciate, since the granddaughters are here a lot.  None of them are really what I'd score a triple-X, but at least I know to be cautious when I read it.

Over a week ago, I realized I hadn't gotten any e-mail from Edna.  No problem, everybody is entitled to a day or two away from the computer.  Then another day went by, and another.  More than a week passed, and I began telling Cliff every day, "I don't understand why I'm not getting any mail from Edna.  I hope she and O. L. are all right."

"Her computer probably crashed," Cliff said.

Well now, around here, that's almost as bad as a death in the family!  So I broke down and gave Edna a call.  Nobody answered.  Now I was really getting concerned.

But tonight Edna called and checked in.  She has caller ID, so she knew I'd called.  She's fine, and her computer is working except for one thing:  It won't send e-mail.

I'm so relieved.


robinngabster said...

Hope she gets that email fixed, you two may go thru withdrawls!!!

rollinghillsides said...

I'm glad cousin Edna finally checked in so you know she's OK!  I can see why you'd be a bit worried.   And I agree, those Fruitcake Lady videos are 'the best', aren't they?  Sooo funny...   Happy Easter to you and yours!   Judy

plieck30 said...

This entry gave me a good chuckle. Yes our computers are almost like a member of our family. Glad Edna is okay. Paula

starstarj said...

HMMMM I no longer get your alerts.  I was wondering why you had not posted.  You added me when you went private and I CAN see your journal just no alerts Strange