Thursday, April 19, 2007

A couple of things about Blue (my prize horse)

The first thing I want to tell you is that having Blue's teeth floated made an incredible difference.  I had him saddled up before my daughter came to pick up the girls, because I was aching for an evening ride.  I was on my horse when Rachel came; she gathered up the girls, and off I went.

The local Tennessee Walking Horse breeder/horse trader has told me for years that horses need their teeth floated.  I've been a skeptic.  The man is such a know-it-all.

Dang it, he was right.  For the three years I've owned Blue, he's had this habit of sorta chewing at the bit, and tugging on it... especially if I stopped for awhile.

Not today.  He did do the tugging thing twice, but not hard, the way he's always done before.

I feel bad, knowing that all this time the sharp edges on his teeth were causing him discomfort.

Now onto the next topic, which also concerns my horse.

I fully expect Cliff to outlive me.  But after the events of one year ago tomorrow, I realize there are no guarantees.

I've stated before that I wouldn't stay here if something happened to Cliff.  I love this farm in so many ways, but I couldn't take care of the place and I don't drive.  So I'd move to some town.

On the other hand, what if I go first?  Cliff isn't a horse person.

This has, until now, always left me wondering what would become of Blue.

Not any more.  There's someone I met over at Blogspot who left a comment here recently telling me that if I ever sell Blue, she wants first chance at buying him.  Seriously.

I won't let her buy him.  But she can have him free, if circumstances of any kind move me to town; or if circumstances cause me to go to the great beyond ahead of Cliff.  Because I've seen how well she cares for her old gelding. 

I'm just saying.

I think Blue would love Oklahoma; especially on, or near, a reservation.

(Pssst... to my friend Joanna:  She loves cats, too.  LOL.)


bnanajm said...

HHhmmmmm, but would Jakie love Oklahoma??



madcobug said...

What about you Grandson? He loves horses but if the place were to be sold he probably would't have anywhere to board him. Hopefully you and Cliff both will be around a for long time to come. Helen

fowfies said...

I know that sets your mind at ease to know no matter what Blue is taken care of. Hopefully you and Cliff will be around for a long time to come though!  :)

madcobug said...

I love banana bread but can't have much now. My uncle and aunt (he has had heart surgery) substitutes part applesauce for some of the sugar and uses no shortening in their banana bread. It tastes pretty good. I have the recipe around here somewhere, probably in the old recipe box LOL.. Helen

plieck30 said...

Aww now that you have everything all planned out you and Cliff will probably live to be 100. I hope so. Paula

ryanagi said...

I must say, Donna... I've learned more from your blog than any other I read. Floating teeth and sheath cleaning...who knew?! Not I.

csandhollow said...

I think you are right about that person!