Monday, April 2, 2007

Cliff's weight loss

When I did the previous entry, I said Cliff had lost 80 pounds, which was wrong.  He's lost around 70, I think.  But that is over a two-year period.  When he came out of surgery a year ago, he weighed 230 - 232.  So in the time since the surgery, he has lost twenty-five pounds.  That's pretty reasonable for a year's weight loss, I think.  It was the year before his open-heart surgery that he really lost a lot.

As far as how he looks, I wouldn't care if he lost any more weight.  220 was fine with me.  However, in the research I've done, the less you weigh, the less work your heart has to do.  And keep in mind that there was some damage to his heart, although his heart is compensating for it, the doctor said. 

Cliff just wants, for once in his life, to weigh 200.  If he should continue to lose weight after he reaches his goal, I'll give him bigger portions.  Trust me, it won't be hard to get him to eat more!  (He'd be the first to tell you, though, that he's never hungry.  He takes in about 2,500 calories a day.)


firestormkids04 said...

Yay for Cliff and yay to you for holding the line for good health!  You guys are awesome.  Blessings, Penny

madcobug said...

To look at the pictures of Cliff he really doesn't look as if he carries that much weight. He must be pretty tall for it not to show that much. Ken lost 21 lbs while he was in the hospital but he is only 5'10". It wouldn't hurt him to lose more but he has gained a half lb since he came home. Helen

mutualaide said...

I haven't lost a pound, in fact, I've gained Cliff's 25!  Congrats to both of you on your willingness to stick to it.  It is impressive.

magran42 said...

It must be the combination of exercise and portion control....I don't loose on portion control only....but my portions are so hard to control.

loisontheweb said...

  TELL CLIFF NOT TO LOOK FOR THE WEIGHT HE'S LOST OVER TWO YEARS ... I FOUND IT! BRAVO for the two of you for making his weight-loss work!
   Yes, exercise is the key!  My back, then my knee, then my back again, now my other knee make me have to retreat to the sofa so much.  I keep as active as I can, but, it's not enough!

fowfies said...

That is wonderful that he has lost that much weight, and I know he feels so much better.  You are a good wife to make sure he eats right.  My Mama does the same for my Daddy.