Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blue's day

Along with "happy" as my mood, you can also put "broke". 

I took the early morning ride I planned on.  Poor Blue is probably feeling overworked and underpaid.

Around 2:45, the vet showed up, and the bill slowly began to add up.  I've honestly never had dental work done on my horses.  Just like with the sheath cleaning, I didn't know it was necessary. 

But the local horse trader has preached to me for years that a horse needs his teeth floated, so when I called to make an appointment with the vet, I mentioned that I wanted him to check and see if my horses needed anything done to their teeth.

We did Libby first, and that's when I learned about wolf teeth.  Libby had those, and they needed to be removed so she wouldn't have problems with a bit.  They are tiny little teeth, as you can see in the picture.

Both horses got necessary vaccinations, and even the heifer, Secret, got a couple of shots.  Booster shots were left here for us to give the two horses in three weeks.

Thank goodness, the vet says Blue won't need dental work or sheath-cleaning next year; he'll do that every other year.  Libby will need to have her teeth worked on next year, though.

And Doc said that I'd better watch Blue closely for founder, since he'll be utilizing his food much more efficiently now that his teeth are fixed.  As long as I'm riding him often, he'll be OK.  But I may have to consider keeping him on dry lot sometimes if I slack off on his exercise.

Yes, he did get his sheath cleaned while he was drugged.

And that's how this day went.


madcobug said...

Actually you got three animals seen about today. The price isn't so bad considering that. Poor Blue with that contraption in his mouth. Bet it took quite a while for him to get over his drugs. I can almost hear Cliff gripping hee hee. Helen

rollinghillsides said...

Ouch is right, but you're a very good momma and take such great care of them.  Hey, just had a thought lol ... if you were to drive a car for two hours a day instead of Blue taking you for those nice rides, just think what you'd be paying in gasoline per year!   Blue is soooooo sleepy.   Great pictures.   Judy

deshelestraci said...

When I worked at camp and we had around 50 horses, we would float teeth at the rate of about 5 or so a day.  Our horses were older than dirt and would just stand there.  We had a few flakes (Thorobreds mostly) who needed drugs.  I love the sling for Blue so his head doesn't hit the ground!

csandhollow said...

OUCH! When we had to have vet out last time for a tooth it was $125. OUICH!

mutualaide said...

Ouch!  I'm not sure who was more hurt ... Blue & Libby or you and the wallet!  

lorinokla said...

Vet visits---they are informative arent they?

ora4uk said...

no more comments...LOL...Hugs...Ora