Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogs, and which to use

I started to put an entry here, with pictures, about a local landmark that somebody turned into a weekend home.  Then I realized that if I add pictures from Flicker, you can't click on them here in J-Land to make them larger.  And these pictures really need that feature.  So I'll be placing that entry over at my Blogger home; it's such a great story I'm really wanting to do it now, but I've already done an entry over there that is drawing a good deal of attention today.  So I'll try to hold back until tomorrow.

If you got an alert and then came here to find no new entry, that's why.  I deleted what I had started.

If you haven't been to "Just Me" and read about my wedding cake, I think you'd enjoy it.  And you'll get a laugh out of the way Cliff, at age twenty-one, looked about sixteen years old.


madcobug said...

What a wedding cake your Mom made for you two. It is beautiful. You and Cliff have such a grave look on your faces. LOL. Bless you mama's heart for doing that for you. Helen

plieck30 said...

Reminds me of our wedding picture. It wasn't a happy occasion because of too many family members butting in. I wanted to get married at home with just family. Mama insisted on church. He didn't go in to debt for the ring though. He saved his paychecks for several weeks and handed them to the jeweler. Your cake is pretty. Paula

fowfies said...

Oh Donna, y'all look so not in the traditional way...Mamas will not be denied! :) Love the rolled up sleeves and the thumb tucked into the jeans with the expression like "Well ain't this something, what in the world?" LOL You just have a look like you are reserved to your Mamas show of love...too priceless...I love it! I am not a glamour girl myself. I am not a big fan of jewelry, especially necklaces, makes my neck sweat.