Sunday, July 16, 2006

The jeep tour from Salida

Check out this ghost town in Colorado:  St. Elmo.  Also a couple of "almost" ghost towns we visited on the jeep tour:  Pitkin and Tin Cup.

We spent two hours going six miles, to get to Tin Cup.  Grueling, to say the least.


kimmie24fan said...

Hi, Your pictures of your trip is great! I really do enjoy reading your journal. Thank You and God Bless You and Cliff. Kimmie :):)

am4039 said...

great pictures, you and cliff had on the same colors the red shirts. How cute.

mastersblynn said...

Looks like u are having loads of fun!!! Great pictures!!

madcobug said...

Looks like the way was very rough to get there but the scenery was worth every jarring mile. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Helen

lv2trnscrb said...

you and Cliff are looking good!

I can imagine the jeep tour would be grueling over those types of "roads"