Friday, July 21, 2006

Featured again on AOL journals page

Yep.  You'd think I was on AOL's payroll or something, wouldn't you?  Cliff says I should be, but I'm having fun here; that's enough pay for me.

Well, I'm always flattered when they ask to link to my journal, and hey, maybe it'll help me get up to 100,000 on my hit meter.  I should arrive at 80,000 hits within a couple of days.  Who'd have thought it?  Of course, all those hits are probably from the same dozen or so people, like my friend Virginia, who calls this blog of mine a "ministry".  Whatever, Jen.  I love you.  (Picture me patting Jen on top of her head now.)

Go to AOL journal's main page (click HERE) and scroll down toward the bottom to "Photo Shoot Followup".  There it is, big as can be:  My Country Life, with that negative picture I did for the Monday Photo Shoot linked. 


robinngabster said...

Okay....who you paying for all this attention????   I want to be famous too!

lv2trnscrb said...

that is so neat! I hope you get to your goal of 100,000 very soon :)


chat2missie said...

Good for you!

tendernoggle said...

NOW HOW GREAT IS THAT?????????????? YAY MOSIE!!!!!

karlaellen said...

I have enjoyed going on vacation with you,
playing games with Sadie,
taking rides with you on your horse Blue,
watching your dh Cliff work with his tractors and taking you on motorcycle rides,
spending time around the campfire at *your* cabin
going walking in the woods with you and your grandkids by
the railroad tracks ect.
Having all these adventures and more
thru your journal of wonderful stories and pictures.

am4039 said...

how wonderful about your journal.