Friday, February 24, 2006

Weekend assignment #100

Here's the weekend Assignment John Scalzi has given us:

Weekend Assignment #100: Share 10 facts about yourself -- from the next five years. Imagine what you see happening over the next half decade and then tell us about it, in interesting fact form. You can be serious, or silly, or somewhere inbetween. But give it some real thought and then take a stab at your future facts. If you find 10 facts too much, just do five. Either way it'll be fun.

1. In September, 2006, I start receiving Social Security.

2.  In August, 2007, Cliff and I vacation in Colorado.

3. Christmas, 2008, I become a great-grandmother for the first time.

4. In 2009, Cliff retires and starts collecting social security.

5. In 2010, Cliff and I celebrate the fact that we’ve both maintained our weight loss for four years.

6. In 2010, we buy a very simple modular home and tear down this old house.

7.  In 2010 my horse, Blue, at age sixteen, is still a dependable ride, and patiently plods around the yard and pasture with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren on his back.

8. In 2011, we still have the old worn-out Honda Gold wing because we wouldn’t be able to get much for it anyway; we take an occasional short ride around here, close to home. Arthritis won’t let us travel comfortably for over forty-five minutes at a time.

9. In late 2011, we win the lottery, tear down the modular home we brought in last year, and build a house back in the middle of the pasture where we can look down and see the river bottoms. Cliff buys a bigger John Deere tractor, and also buys our old Allis Chalmers D-17 back from the guy who bought it six years ago. Now, of course, our children have no more financial worries because we’re sharing our winnings with them. Life is good.

10.  In December of 2011, we foot the bill for our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to go with us to Hawaii for Christmas.

Extra Credit: So, who's president in 2011?   Hillary.  Was there ever any doubt?

If you're going to play, be sure and leave the link to your entry at John's blog.


deslily said...

I like number 9 lol.. i guess i'd actually have to buy tickets for a chance huh? lol

msecz said...

So you didn't say.... are you going to Hawaii with the kids too? :)

bnanajm said...

How do I get in the 'to be adopted' line, about 2 weeks before you win the lottery?

tonibernadette said...

My horse is going to be 26yrs. old  next month and she is still going strong.  You would never ever guess her age by looking at her or riding her!   Toni

firestormkids04 said...

This was a great read, especially about the new home in the middle to see all around.  Thank you for sharing these things!  Blessings, Penny

siennastarr said...

You know what Donna?  I hope all those things really do come true for you!  You deserve it!


artloner said...

 If anyone can see all that through to fruition, it's you, Darlin'!

Kiss Sadie's face for me!  ;)


toonguykc said...

It's so cool that you and Cliff are healthy and in love and thriving.  Treasure it, buddy!!


shayshaydc said...

Great look into the future!!!!

fmgruber said...

Hey, I'm readin' yer animal stories including what you have to say about Cliff. Nutt, for them asssignments? No dice. Although I enjoyed yours. I'm not interested in contemplating somebody dusting their roses with me!!! (hehehehe)

jevanslink said...

I used to think that the name was ALICE Chalmers.  I thought she was pretty talented to have a whole company named after her.  Mrs. L