Saturday, February 4, 2006


We took Sadie to the vet, mainly to make sure that her chronic cough was nothing worse than kennel cough.  Sure enough, the lady vet confirmed it.  She said many pets from Wayside Waifs come to her with the malady, which spreads like wildfire among so many dogs being in close confinement.  Sadie had no fever, and her lungs were clear.  She had already been checked for heartworm at Wayside Waifs, and we got her started on heartworm preventive today.  And she had her stitches removed. 

I've never had a dog that enjoyed going to a veterinary.  Most have been terrified, in fact.  Not Sadie!  She saw dogs and cats, and her tail wagged nonstop as she pulled against her leash, trying to make friendly contact.

She also enjoys riding in a car, a wasted skill here, because Cliff doesn't care for hair flying around inside his car.  Sadie looked out the window for awhile, then curled up and slept.

You may be able to tell I'm rather pushing myself to do these entries.  This has been, after all, Mandy's journal as much as mine.  My readers watched her grow up here.  So it's hard to keep going without her, but I'm managing.

Sadie and I have spent a week together dealing with one another's' flaws:  she's had this snotty, sneezing, hacking kennel cough, and I've had a huge hole in my heart from losing Mandy.  We've each put up with our mutual flaws and are becoming rather close as we return to health together.

Cliff and I went to see "Fun With Dick And Jane" tonight, and laughed a lot.  It was money well spent.  It's a silly movie, but a little silliness is good for what ails us.  Then we ordered one meal at a Mexican restaurant and split it between the two of us.

God bless you every one.


am4039 said...

Losing a pet is so hard, Mandy looked like a beautiful wonderful dog.  I'm happy Sadie is in your life, it looks like you two will get along beautifully.  I'm happy that she doesn't have anything besides kennel cough.  

readmereadyou said...

I love the name Sadie too. I'm glad she's ok.

deshelestraci said...

I am glad Sadie is trying to help you with your broken heart.  It's hard to stay sad when the little darling is right there to cuddle and love on.  I have one at my feet and one less than 3 feet away.  They are good company.

fierrorachel said...

I'm glad that the little lady is getting better...even more glad that you and Dad had a good "date."  It's weird how I miss coming over.  It's such a mainstay of the weekend to come over, even if it's for just an hour.  Then again, I always get homesick and nostalgic on my second day into a business trip.  I look forward to next weekend!

ksquester said...

Mo, I have been gone a few days. Just got caught up with your entries. Glad Sadie is on the mend and seems to be doing great. Of course, a little bologna helps ever now and then.   Anne

toonguykc said...

My dogs love traveling to the vet -- but after the fun car ride is over, they are freaked and hard to handle.  The cats?  A whole other story.  A BAD
, SCRATCHY story.  SIGH.


tc01hm said...

Nice to here that you, Cliff and Sadie are all mending.

naturegirlfromny said...

Hope Sadie is back to feeling herself soon!  She sounds like a great dog.  I'm also glad you and hubby got out for a night on the town!  Linda

siennastarr said...

It is going to take time, but you and Sadie are coming around...  Glad the two of you are feeling better..

I still miss Mandy too..   I think of her everytime I come to read an entry by you..


chat2missie said...

Glad Sadie is getting well with that cough.  I'm glad your broken heart is starting to heal.

marainey1 said...

You two were meant to be.  It's good for both of you to be together...healing for body and soul.  Each chapter in our book of life will have a beginning and a end and when we turn the page to a new day, we try make the most of what is to come.  That's all any of us can do.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Glad that nothing more was wrong with Sadie. Maybe she likes the vets place because she spent so much time in the shelter and got used to all those other pets. Yes, I also think you two were meant for each other. Helen

shayshaydc said...

It is amazing how pets can help us when we are down!!!! They use pets in nursing homes and other places to help the patients!!!

my78novata said...

we just took in a puppy one of the ones we fostered it had a lingering cough form being with so many others Its hardso hard when they are in with others. I had all my dogs catch that new canine flu from being with so many others dgos that is horrid let me tell you thre isno vaccine for it either.