Wednesday, February 1, 2006

today's stuff

After our mis-adventure in Branson last November, Cliff has decided that, for long trips away from home, he'll drive the car, pull the motorcycle behind us, and just ride the Honda around when we've arrived at our destination.  So the motorcycle trailer has been his latest project.

On a different subject:  on the first day of each month, my son-in-law picks me up at 5:30 AM. and takes me to watch the girls at their home.  My daughter has to go in so early on that day that she'd otherwise have to drag the girls out of bed before 5 AM.  Besides, there's a computer in their house with AOL, and many of my friends meet in a chat room early in the morning.  No problem!

Now, on to our new dog:  Sadie has accompanied me and Cliff on four of our half-hour walks in the pasture.  She doesn't stray far from us, unless Buddy shows up... which he often does.  And she wasn't too good at listening to me when I'd call her when he was enticing her away, although I always managed to catch her before she got away.

We found out on her first evening here that she loves "people food".  I don't intend to give her much of it, but I'm using it to my advantage now:  I took a piece of Bologna, cut it into the tiniest pieces, put them in a baggie, and placed it in my coat pocket.  When she'd range too far off, I'd say, "Here Sadie", and when she came to me, she'd get a taste of Bologna.  I started this yesterday, and now she even comes to me when Buddy is begging her to join him in the woods.  That gives me a chance to snap her leash on.

She does, indeed, seem to have kennel cough, but since she's improving, and not in any discomfort, I decided we'd wait until Friday to have the vet check her out; we'll be going then to get the stitches from her neutering procedure removed, anyway.  When she's outside taking a walk with us, she hardly coughs at all.


msecz said...

I think you are doing a great job in training Sadie... I hope her cough goes away soon too. That is quite a project Cliff has making that trailer bigger... good luck. Sandra

madcobug said...

Cliff seems to be doing a good job. Sounds as if you are training Sadie really fast. Helen

astaryth said...

The bologna trick is called positive re-inforcement and is the absolute best way to train ANYTHING! I used that exact method on Morgan when she was little, and now people are amazed at how well she 'recalls' to our side. For Morgan it was a special doggie treat we found that she would do ANYTHING for. We had a friend who's dog wasn't very food oriented but loved a particular ball... so, his reward for doing what he was supposed to (i.e. going potty or answering a recall) was to get his ball... and if he was REAL good he would get 10 minutes of catch. Anyway, the idea is that it is easier to reward good behavior than to punish bad! Oh, and it works pretty good with kids if you find the right 'treat' <LOL>

artloner said...

Well now! I may have to try that bologna trick with the gerbies. I am always just terrified something will happen when they range too far, so I just keep them on a 16ft lead.  Glad Sadie is doing well.



robinngabster said...

My Princess is so picky she won't eat bologna...I thought one day I would give her a little piece and she licked it and walked away from it. Hmmmph!

siennastarr said...

Sounds to me like you've got a permanent little friend on your hands (not to mention the scent of

I'm glad that Sadie is continuing to work out, and I hope she gets over that darn kennel cough.


ora4uk said...

Sadie sounds like a "princess" of a happy for you....Hugs...Ora

csandhollow said...

I do hope the cough goes away. That good country air is just what she needs!

fierrorachel said...

A. Sorry about the sock misfortune.  I will make them lay out clothes the night before from now on.

B. Thanks for lovin' on my dog.  He gets lonely during the week.

C. Your an awesome Mom/gramma/ know that?

toonguykc said...

Sadie and I have one thing in common:  we both love baloney!  I always have some on hand and I think I need a little bedtime snack right now.  ;)


shayshaydc said...

That is one lucky dog!!!!! I can tell that you have gotten attached to her and that you love her!!!!!

bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed seeing pics of Sadie.  Maybe one day you won't have to use the leash.  

I don't blame you all for wanting to have the car around........just in case motocycle decides it's a "no go".

Your daughter sure had a pretty aquarium.