Monday, February 20, 2006

tagged by Russ


So cliche!!  I know.  But instead of asking what book, movie, album, food, lover etc. you'd want there with you on the sandy beach -- here's a few unique ( I hope) queries:

1.  A memorable dream that you'd like to have every night:  I used to often dream I was finding money; I'd start out finding small change like pennies or dimes, and by the time the dream ended, I was finding $50 bills.  I'd wake up happy and excited at having extra spending money, then realize it was all a dream.  Let's face it, any time you have a good dream, you're going to be disappointed once you wake up.

2.  A pet from your past (no longer living) to keep you company:  That would be Mandy, of course.  I've lost many good pets in my life, but Mandy's death was so recent, I still hurt from it.

3.  A bedtime snack you'd like available to you at 3 am every night:  Cheerios, I suppose.  Psssst, Russ, 3 AM isn't night, it's morning!  I don't know if I ever ate anything at 3 AM in my entire life; but if I did, it was bound to be cereal.

4.  Somebody you had a crush on in highschool (you may make them disappear at will):  Well, I remember having a big crush on a boy named Allen.  He had a twin brother named Dennis, and it took me forever to learn to tell them apart.  But I don't know if I want him on the island with me; I never really got to know him, so we might be miserable together.  Oh yeah, I have the option of making him disappear.  OK.

5.  A stuffed animal that you slept with as a kid.  I don't remember sleeping with any stuffed animals, ever. 


am4039 said...

I'm sure I had many 3 am eatings going on, lol. I like the dream how nice.  Wish I can have a dream like that, I always have chasing dreams of some kind.

toonguykc said...

I'm a confirmed night owl -- so if it's dark outside, I consider it night.  Screw the formalities!   Russ