Thursday, February 9, 2006

Please pray for my friend

Carlene lost her husband recently, and could use your prayers and good wishes.  If you'd like to comment to her, visit her journal here.  As I told her, I don't even deal well with the loss of my dog; I don't know how I'd stand up to losing my husband.


am4039 said...

I left her a nice note in her journal, I feel so bad for her  

madcobug said...

Carlene has been in my prayers. I know she is having a hard time dealing with this. She is in dire need of financial help also with all those bills coming due. Helen

fmgruber said...

I can be a hard hearted soul. There's new life and occasional death here all the time. For myself, I tell them to throw a party in my honor. I didn't ask to be born. When my life is done, no need to morn it. Fernan