Saturday, February 11, 2006

My readers

When I began this journal, I figured my kids would read it, and some of  my old chat room friends (and enemies).  And so they did.

Never did I expect to pick up such a varied assortment of people commenting regularly here.

Some came because I did a search on Kansas City, hoping to find some local bloggers; then I commented in their journals, and left my link, and they came calling.  (Hi Toonguy and Anne!)  I know lots of my readers are here because I commented in their journals and they came to return the favor.

In the case of many, I have no idea how they found me.  One lady, Faye, said I was the first person she had ever emailed outside of her family and acquaintances.

When I mentioned my book of poems, several of you ordered a copy, which I do appreciate.  I have one reader who seems to be a huge fan of mine, and I think I'll hire him as my agent:  he's doing his level best to see that my book is introduced to everybody in the state of Pennsylvania.  Thanks, Eugene! 

A couple of days ago a lady commented here, and by the comment she made, I realized she lived not far away.  I checked her profile, and she's about fifteen miles from me.  She's a widow and in real estate.

I sent her an email, but she deleted it... no doubt because she didn't recognize my screen name.  I used to live very near where she now lives.

I'm rambling.  But I'd love to know how some of you found my journal, if you can remember. 


deslily said...

oh man.. you are asking the queen of CRS!! I only found and started my journal last october, you'd think I'd remember how I found you!  I can say I must have seen your journal "name" somewhere and since i love the country came and checked it out and haven't left yet lol..

sharonna1955 said...

mo  I found you in people connection editors referalls for the week ive found a few others i just love.such as Barbara and Robin you all seem like new friends to me,,oh boy i feel your pain and your happiness,oh and sheerman we havent heard much from her while adam has been around .i do love reading you girls im glad you let me share your lifes with you ..i love the pics sadie is beautiful as was your lovely mandy... god Bless you all jland folks just because i didnt mention just means i havent found you yet ,so dont be upset with me please i started with one now read about ten daily  ... ok bye bye and keep up the wonderful heart warming storys and pics

fmgruber said...

You've been here for a while. Used to look in on you from time to time, back when, to see what you had been up to unsaid elsewhere. I liked it. But new to this modern computing I'm still learning. Now that I'm here, I like the blogging experience. While I enjoy folks looking in on me I don't worry about numbers. If they sample my manner so be it either way. I'm comfortable in my new home. Thanks Mo.

mutualaide said...

I pondered this for a few minutes and I'm pretty sure I got here from there!  When I first started journaling I didn't really know how to find other journals so I started following the editor's picks and from there my method became clicking on a link in comments or even a screen name --which brings you to the profile page -- if a journal link was in the profile I'd just click there.

The one thing I'm certain about?  I am so glad I found you!

madcobug said...

Donna I can't remember how exactly I found you but I am glad I did. I probably saw your link in another journal. I love your country way of living as I was raised in the country myself. Helen

plieck30 said...

Don't remember how I found your journal Mosie but I know why I read it. You had country in it. LOL Paula

starstarj said...

I think I found you from a chat room (I read everyone's profile) you have a link to your journal in it (am I correct???) anyway it doesn't matter because you pretty much live the life I only dream about especially Blue.

ora4uk said...

Mosie....we met in Texas....the first person....and then you said you had a journal....I peeked in from time to time and got hooked....I also enjoy reading your memory journal....and your Georgia son....and that daughter of yours....they are a riot....Hugs...Ora   ps...and you got me hooked on journaling....LOL

shayshaydc said...

I found your journal through someone elses journal and can't remember who!! Someone wrote in their journal about you losing Mandy!! I have a dog and I would be very sad if I lost her!!! Anyway... I like your journal so much that I keep coming back..especially since you have Sadie!! I have to keep updated on her activities!!!! lol.......... I really do enjoy your journal!!!

am4039 said...

I found your journal because of Mandie, someone I forgot who is a reader of your journal and one day she wrote my friend over at my country life is grieving.  So, I went to visit it and I find that I love your journal and keep reading it.  

tc01hm said...

I hit your journal from a link and saw Blue's Ears and kept coming back. I have my own double pair( 2 hoerses) of ears that give me the same view.

sugarsweet056 said...

How'd I find your journal? Think I saw it on someone else's side bar...& since it said "country" I had to visit, TX gurl from the country here ya know!
I live close to you too! You said your hubby works in my little town!
Making my way around J-Land, wanted to stop & say hi.

marainey1 said...

I'm not sure, but I think it was a link from someone else's journal.  When I saw that we were about the same age I started reading your entries and leaving comments.  I too started my journal for my family.  I know they read it , but never leave any comments.  Probably because none of them have aol.  Any way I do enjoy all your posts and compliment you on some very good poems and writings in your journal.  Thanks for sharing !  'On Ya' - ma

robinngabster said...

Heck...I don't recall what I ate for breakfast.  I don't remember how I found you but I thank my lucky stars I did!!

lacaza3 said...

I can't remember how I found you....I do remember you refered me to russ so that is how I found him
When I send people e-mails that dont know my e-mail address I usually put something in the title that they would reconized me
Donna In TEXAS

siennastarr said...

Actually, Mosie, I think you found me.  You were one of the first to leave a comment in my journal, and so I made my way over here, and have been hooked ever since.  At least thats the way I remember it.. lol


lv2trnscrb said...

through Robin of These are the Days of My Life when she was guest editor and she picked you as one of her editor's picks


mastersblynn said...

I am a huge fan of yours and I seriously can not remember how I found you.  All I know is that I thank God I did. You have been such an inspiration to me along with all my other friends here in Jland.  I have met so many cool people that I not dare name you all because I would surely leave someone out.  You know who you are and you know that I love each and every one of you.  Mosie, you are one of the first ones I wrote to regularly and I enjoy reading your journal. Keep it up!  Somebody loves you in Texas....ME! Barbara

queeniemart said...

I found it thru Penny's journal, from here to there.
lisa jo

toonguykc said...

YOU are the only reason I found other bloggers.  I just started the demon journal so I could write everyday and exorcise some of the dark stuff out of me -- but you showed up and Sim followed.  And from there I found links to other people of all kinds.  Can you please get all school marmish on Anne so that she'll write more?


naturegirlfromny said...

I found your journal by clicking on one of your comments left somewhere else!  Linda

ajoleblon said...

Mosie I think I found  your journal because you visited mine.  And I've enjoyed reading yours ever since.  Thanks!

ksquester said...

Gosh Mo, I think I found you because I typed in Kansas City and your journal popped up. I almost DIDN'T put you on alert because I thought you were going to be too religious and preachy........boy was I are JUST right!  Anne

keenedonna said...

I first read your journal on aol, when they started featuring
journals and I  was just blown away by at how alike we are.
First let me say your name is Donna and so is mine. I was born in 1945, I have two daughters, 7 grandchildren. I have been married to the same man for 45 years, yes I married at a young age, but we knew we were in love and still are. I have
always had a thing for indians, my great great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee indian. I also have a love of all kinds of music. I have always put my God first and have a great love an respect for Him. I also write poetry and I did have one published and am working on a book at present. I also paint,
watercolor and some oil paintings, and I have been told I am very good.  Most of my dads people were farmers, while I was raised in the city most of my life. I live in northern Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.
I just love reading you and seeing the pictures you share. I almost feel like a part of your family.
Thank you for sharing with all of us.
Your friend,
Donna Keene

keenedonna said...


                            MY LIGHT
Teach me Lord, to show the light you
put inside of me.
Help me Lord, to see what you want me to see.
The world all around me is dim and
dark and full of despair.
Help my light to shine about me everywhere.
So that I might show the lost, there is a
better and a brighter day.
Where all will be in harmony and none to disagree.
Please help me Lord, to show the light that shines in me.
Oh! Help me be a light, dear Lord,
for all the world to see.

BY Donna Keene

chat2missie said...

I believe I found your journal through another journal.  I'm glad I found you!  Your journal is a true enlightment on my day!

bnanajm said...

I love your journal and that's how I keep connected with you.  I love the pictures and the stories about your woods and ravines and I was thrilled when you got the cabin.

When Blue turned out to be the gem he is, I was tickled.  And soon I'll get to meet him and see the cabin.

You think you're lucky???  No, I am.  To be coming to see you  :o)

msecz said...

I think I found your journal when you were featured.... not positive about that though. Looks like a lot of people are reading your journal.... thats nice, Sandra

karlaellen said...

I read your question a few days ago and have
thought about the answer since then.

Today I Remembered!!!

Way back when
You left a comment in *Richard's Bend Journal*
about how he inspired you to get a cabin of your own.

That journal turned into *Ruth's Store* and now I have
lost track of Jonathon (not sure I spelled his name right).
I bought one of his handmade (by him) Quilts from ebay
back then.

If you know where he has a journal would you be so
kind as to let me know.
I always worried about him and miss reading about him.

ryanagi said...

I'm pretty sure I happened by when another journal friend linked to one of your entries. I liked what I was reading and stayed. :-)

helmswondermom said...

I'm pretty sure I found you from a comment you left in Paula's journal. (Country Tales and Other Thangs)  So glad I did!