Sunday, January 8, 2006

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. What is your most successful "home remedy" and how did you first hear about or discover it?  Do zinc lozenges count?  I swear, if you start sucking on those things at the beginning of a cold, they will stop that cold in its tracks.  I kept reading about it online, in the newspaper, and Reader's Digest.

2. Do you ever use substitutes for food ingredients, like sugar or salt substitutes? Yes  If so, which do you use?  We use Sweet 'N Low in our tea and on cereal.

3. How often do you go to a mall or shopping center just to window shop, with no intention of actually buying anything?  Since I don't drive, and my husband hates to shop, very seldom.  Sometimes if he's going to Tractor Supply, I'll have him drop me off at Walmart. 

4. How often in those trips do you actually end up buying something anyway?  Every single time

5. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What is your biggest social dysfunction? 

Your Social Dysfunction:
You are excessively sensitive to potential rejection, humiliation or shame. You tend to be socially withdrawn, in spite of desire for acceptance from others.

6. What possession would you most like to have by the end of 2006 that you did without in 2005?  Geesh, haven't we been through this before?  A  new house!

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plieck30 said...

Humm I just heard that about the zinc so I bought some just in case. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

zinc is a good one; I have trouble tolerating them so I just pump up the vitamin C.


helmswondermom said...

Here's my Saturday Six:  And whaddaya know --  I'm Normal!

mzgoochi said...

I got the same answer you did on the quiz! :)


toonguykc said...

I always have zinc lozenges on hand because I must have read the same articles as you.  People with sensitive stomachs should avoid them however.  Thank God for Nexium!!


mastersblynn said...

Here's mine, Barbara

csandhollow said...

I am avoidant also.