Thursday, January 26, 2006

OK, so my journal is going to the dogs!

This is often the sight that greets me when I step out my back door:  two lazy dogs. 

Some of you have asked, in my comment section, how Buddy's doing since a fire destroyed his family's home.

Often, Buddy goes to his family's temporary home for the night, or even a day or two.  But he's here more than he's there.  I told my neighbors there's always food here for him, so he's fine.  He and Mandy were puppies together, and they're practically inseparable.  I do wish he wouldn't insist on peeing on everything, but that's a male dog for you.  Cliff often reminds me that we chose Mandy because she was female and wouldn't be forever marking her territory; then the neighbors acquired Buddy.

Oh, and about the earlier picture of Mandy on the big bale of hay:  No, I didn't help her down.  I had to clip the center out of a shot taken from quite a way off and enlarge it, because as I drew near, she jumped down and ran to greet me at a considerable distance.


readmereadyou said...

They look like our dogs. Always snoozing on their backs. LOL!

marainey1 said...

When I signed on this evening I saw 3 alearts all from you !  Soooo I had to stop by and see your pictures !  Dogs do have the best life !  I'm glad you have them to enjoy!  'On Ya' - ma

siennastarr said...

I love your pictures of Mandy and Buddy.  Those two have found a place in my heart, and I almost feel like they are mine!

Never get tired of Buddy and Mandy pics! :)


ajoleblon said...

It's a dog life they live!  LOL

sugarsweet056 said...

So cute! I love a dogs life! LOL

am4039 said...

I love the pics. of the dog.  I love dogs.  Also, thank you for the comment about loving my mom I do too.  Have a great day.

artloner said...

awwww..sweet pootches!

helmswondermom said...

It's so nice seeing best friends playing together!