Thursday, January 26, 2006

I wasn't really tagged, but...

I saw this in a journal called "Still Randomly Rambling", and thought it looked like fun. 

15 years ago Cliff was working at a job he hated, and money was tight.  My son was in Iraq for Dessert Storm.  My (ex) daughter-in-law and their two kids lived with us for several months while my son was overseas.  My concerns were for my son, of course, and for my daughter, whose first marriage was ending.  (Because I kept a written diary at the time, I could write a book about that year if I had to.)

10 years ago Cliff had been at his present job for three years, and, as he had been since he started that job, he was also working part-time for a construction company owned by a friend of ours.  Money was still tight.  My daughter had met Kevin, her present husband, and married him that year.  People I knew were buying computers, but I swore nobody would ever catch me on the Internet.  I was always reading in the newspaper how dangerous it was. 

5 years ago I'd been working at Kohls' Distribution center since July of the previous year, and things were great!  It was an active job, and I loved the fact that I was on my feet walking and moving all day.  It was especially nice to have the money:  I flew to several "chat room reunions" (I'd never flown before) and I got to meet lots of Internet friends.  (Oh yeah, I had long-since forgotten my vow to stay off the Internet, and was on my third computer.

1 year ago I had gone part-time at work because my knees gave out.  All that walking I had loved so much caught up with me.  It wasn't long before I finally quit my job completely.

Yesterday Cliff and I drove to the Social Security office at Warrensburg to clear up a matter, and drove around for about two hours, unable to find the office.  To make up for it, we stopped at Subway and had ourselves a meatball sub.  Subway, thank the good Lord, is diet-friendly.

Today, in addition to the usual, I made a meat loaf for Cliff's sister and her husband, Pat.  He got angry at a bull that kept getting out of his pasture, and shot it, then took it to the butcher shop.  The meat had absolutely NO fat in it.  The butcher shop had added some suet, but not nearly enough.  Charlene said the hamburgers she tried making from it were inedible, and asked what to do.  I told her wait for a sale and buy 70/30 ground beef, and mix half and half with the meat from their skinny bull.  Or, sausage.  Rather than try it, she brought me a couple packages of the meat, saying, "See if you can do anything with this". 

Sure enough.  Mixed in equal parts with fatty ground meat (I used pork), it's delicious.  So I made them a meat loaf and told them to come and get it for their supper.

Tomorrow we'll probably do our grocery shopping.

I won't tag anyone, but hey... it's kind of fun to realize what you were doing back then.  Go ahead, try it!  And come back and leave me a link, so I can check it out.


chat2missie said...

What a great idea for an entry!
Missie :)

ksquester said...

I love this entry. You could add 20 and 25 yrs ago too. I doubt many people recall what life was like before computers and cells phones and color television AND fast food.   Anne

mastersblynn said...

I did this too.  I had to write the years out on paper to figure it all out LOL, made me use my brain! Nice! Barbara

xzasporated1 said...

Thanks for leaving your link!  This is a good one, isn't it, because it really makes you look back and remember.  We don't do that enough, remember where we've been.

~~ jennifer

helmswondermom said...

I think I will do that.  Looks like fun.  That was nice of you to make them a meat loaf for their dinner!