Friday, January 6, 2006

I want an egg-beater!


Yeah, like that.  I can't find them at Walmart.  I think I bought my last one at Price-chopper, a grocery store, hanging in an aisle with other such kitchen tools.

What happened to that one?  They just don't make them like they used to, and I get about two years' use out of an egg beater before it wears out... and that's pushing it, using it long after it needs to be tossed.

Most people ask why I'd want one, when I have a perfectly good KitchenAid mixer.


Here's the thing:  If I want to beat a couple of eggs and then mix them with milk for my home-made rolls, for instance, who wants to dirty up a beater and a big ole bowl like that?  I can use my egg beater and mix them in the measuring cup that's already been used to measure the milk.  (Have I mentioned I don't have a dishwasher?)

The other question I'm often asked is this:  Why don't you just use a whisk?


Whisks are fine to mix up scrambled eggs, or get lumps out of something you're cooking on top of the stove.  But when a recipe calls for "well-beaten eggs", you aren't going to get the job done with a whisk.

Anybody know where I can find an egg beater?


pudge450 said...

You can find anything on ebay.
Or just go to ebay and search "egg beater"  185 items listed under that category right now.

fowfies said...

Ebay???  You can find anything there.  I did find an OLD one at a flea market.  It had an old chipped red wooden handle and it was rusted beyond belief.  I got it just cause it looked neat.  Don't know for sure if its relaly old, but it sure does LOOK old!

madcobug said...

Try the Salvation army store. My MIL got a couple from there before she passed away and I still use them. Maybe a thrift store somewhere might have them. I also hate dragging out mixer equipment and if I nead to mix anything really well I still grab the hand mixer instead of my big mixer. Those big one are heavy to boot. Helen

salemslot9 said...


starstarj said...

OK here's another item WHERE can I find a hand juicer made of glass not plastic. The kind my mom had . Mosie you must know what I am talking about.

robinngabster said...

What about an electric hand mixer?  I will keep my eyes open for an egg beater. I frequent the thrift stores around here all the time. Is second hand okay for you to use?

csandhollow said...

Let me know if you find one. I will look around here. I believe I saw one not too long ago.

siennastarr said...

I haven't seen an egg beater like that since I was a kid, and my mom had one!
Gosh.. I wouldn't know where to look, Mosie!
Good luck!


memes121 said...

Try eBay. Or maybe a speciality shop. But ebay would probably be your best bet.

amy122389 said...

I kid you not, I have them at my WalMart.  Have you looked at
(although...I don't have one....I just use a fork  <g>)


mastersblynn said...

I have been looking everywhere for one of these too.  Why go and mess with a good thing I ask.  I have looked at many stores and have not found one yet.  I have looked at Walmart but I guess I will look again.  I know exactly what you mean...It does make a difference. Barbara

mutualaide said...

Wish I could tell you where to find one.  I have two!  One was my mother's and I'll tell you nothing beats it (no pun intended)!  The other one is a newer version that I bought a number of years ago at K-Mart or somewhere like that.  

Try Kitchens Etc or a cook's store.  Bet they'll have them!

helmswondermom said...

Okay, I found a vintage one on eBay and one for sale on  When I do my shopping today I'll keep my eyes open for one!

chat2missie said...

I haven't seen an egg beater like that in ages!  Good Luck in your search.
Missie :)

plieck30 said...

Haven't seen one of these in a month of Sundays. In fact I had forgotten about them. Paula