Thursday, January 19, 2006

I rode the horse today

The forecast this morning was for a high of 60 today; indeed, when Cliff and I took our walk in the pasture, it was already 48.  Nice day for a horseback ride.  This picture looks toward my little town, and my daughter's house is practically underneath the water tower in the center.

Blue isn't shod right now, so I can't ride him much on pavement or gravel; but just up and across the road is a huge patch of farm ground that makes for a nice ride in the winter, and it's at least a change from our 43 acres.  43 acres might sound like a big plot, but it doesn't take long to cover it on horseback.

Blue was quite energetic, and somewhat jumpy.  Horses are silly on windy days:  they see leaves or trash moving in the wind, and they think something is after them.


madcobug said...

Beautiful scenery in this picture. Guess Blue was glad to get out for a while. Helen

chat2missie said...

I can't imagine how beautiful your ride must have been this morning!!  I love horses!!
Missie :)

ajoleblon said...

great pics!  Thanks for the horse ride!

tc01hm said...

I'm jealous. Our area is so torn up from katrina that I can't ride. The trees are extremely dangerous. My own land has so much unsure footing that I can't take a chance on hitting holes! Thanks for the view from Blue.

plieck30 said...

I don't blame the horses for being jumpy on windy days. This is our fourth day and I hate it. Guess we will have cold weather in March since we are having March winds in January. Paula

sugarsweet056 said...

Loved the pic!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the horse back ride with ya!
Take care.

bnanajm said...

Oh I just LOVE our rides on Blue.


siennastarr said...

See the way it's all brown during the winter where you live?  That's how it is around here... all year round!  Well, maybe, sometimes, in the winter and spring, IF we get alot of rain, it will turn green.  For a while.  But not usually! :(   I hate it!  I love green rolling hills.. the way, I know that all that land you are covering on Blue, will look in the spring and summer!


fmgruber said...

your pictures look a lot like my Michigan back yard. You sure you don't live next door?

helmswondermom said...

Nice pictures.  Looks like where I live in Indiana.  I can remember riding horses on windy days.  Someone in my family used to say they were "boogered" on those days.  (I guess 'cause they saw boogymen.)