Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today's Motorcycle report

We left home with full intentions of riding over 100 miles to Versailles, and perhaps seeing some of Cliff's relatives in that area.  But when he found out he didn't have his billfold, we had to go back home and start over.  Normally I don't take my purse along on bike rides, but for some reason I did today.  Thank God for that, because Cliff had already filled up with gas before he realized he had no money.  A credit card saved the day.

It was a beautiful sunny day, although the wind wasn't too pleasant.  We were home by 3 PM.


messaminute said...

I just love the Golden Corral in Sedalia.  Many around here are dirty now.  What do you think of the new Lexington bridge?  Although I was scared to death of the old one, I don't care for the new one much better.  Too much water still in view for a gal who'se afraid of heights.  lol  Sounds llike you had a great day out and about on that bike.  Yep, now that Don's winding down his work days, you guys need to pencil us in for one of your routes.  If you shut down for the winter, keep us in mind come spring.  Cya kiddo!  Boo

bookncoffee said...

Oh, it must be the day for Hubby's to forget their wallet.  Right now we are not quite sure where my Hubby's wallet is.  I'm hoping he left it in the car.  He got ready to leave to go p/u the PreTeen and could not find it.  He left anyway w/o it as I was in my pajamas.  Hopefully it will turn up.
Glad you had a good day.
Thanks for referring us to Alphawomans blog.  The hurricane story is interesting.  I signed up for her alerts so I wouldn't miss any more entries.  LOL.

ora4uk said...

I enjoy a "Golden Corral"....but ours is getting a little expensive...I cannot eat that much anymore LOL...and good that one of you carry your "valuables"...guess by the time Cliff gets all his "parafanilia" (SP?) on...he just forgot....LOL...Hugs...Ora

siennastarr said...

Hey...  but.. you did have a good time, right??  At least you guys are getting out and riding Lightening as much as you can!  

I'm so glad you're having fun, Mosie! :)


csandhollow said...

We did a bit of riding today also. Ain't life grand!

plieck30 said...

I keep seeing this little throw pillow in one of my little catalogs that says "You never see a MOTORCYCLE parked outside of a psychiatrist's office". It always makes me think of you and your husband. lol Paula

lordofbutter said...

Sure he forgot the

That sounds like so much fun. Even though the wind was bad.