Saturday, October 8, 2005

Saturday Six

Picture from Hometown

If you'd like to play along, just copy and paste the questions to your journal, then take the link to Patrick's Place.

1. What's your favorite brand and flavor of ice cream when you go grocery shopping?  Is there any of it in your freezer right now?

Blue Bunny has some kind with cherries and chunks of chocolate in it, I forget the name.  No, I haven't had any for awhile.  Even on sale, Blue Bunny is $3 or more for a half-gallon.  Now we buy the cheapest brand of vanilla in a gallon-and-a-pint bucket.

2. When was the last time you ate a fresh fruit as a snack rather than something not "diet friendly?"

It's apple season, so I choose fruit as a snack at least once a day right now, and pursuade my grandchildren to do the same.

3. Take this quiz:  What language should you learn?

I'm not doing these any more.

4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #72 from Cdmmw2:  If you could relive one moment of your life and watch it (like a movie) but not interfere, what would it be?

Oh dear, there are so many.  I'd love to watch a movie of some happy day when both my children were small and Cliff and I were still young.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #73 from Debbie:  What was something you were afraid of as a child?  Did you overcome the fear?

My mom told me I was afraid of crossing bridges when were were driving someplace, when I was very young.  Since I don't remember it, obviously I overcame it.  I didn't have a lot of fears when I was a child.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #74 from Anna:   If someone were to open your refrigerator right now, what item would it embarrass you most for them to find? 

The most embarrassing thing about my refrigerator right now is, it's too full.  Cliff was looking for the apple butter awhile ago and it took me about 90 seconds to find it.  My trouble is that we'll get hit by an onslaught of thirsty neighbor kids and relatives, and I run out of sun tea.  So I make three gallons at one time, to be ready for the next onslaught, which doesn't always happen.  Yes, right now there are three gallons of tea in my refrigerator.  For five days now.



lsfp1960 said...

I think I'd make 'em drink water. I need to make some sun tea (if I can find some sun) I haven't had that in a long time.    :)

ravenlark2 said...

Great answers..but what in the world is Sun Tea? Is it a brand? Is it a certain kind of tea? I love sweet tea but I make it how my mother always made it. Boil water on the stove with tea bags in it. Drop in a pinch of baking soda and let it sit over night to seep. Sun tea sounds interesting though. Thanks for sharing.


siennastarr said...

Ha!  I just read Ravens comment and her question to you about "what the heck is Sun Tea?"  I can't believe she doesn't know what that is!  I'm gonna have to give that girl a lesson! lol

There are always at least 2 pitchers of Sun Tea in my fridge, also.  I am a big tea drinker.  Seldom if ever do I drink soda.