Sunday, October 23, 2005

My sister's good news

My snowbird sister leaves for Mission, Texas, next weekend; so I invited her out for chili with me, Cliff, and my daughter's family, so we could say a proper goodbye.

Maxine is an amazing woman.  I know, I know... we don't resemble one another.  We share the same dad but have different mothers, although my mom raised her from the age of five.  She is in her late seventies, but she has never had any type of surgery in her life.  She needs no medication, not even for blood pressure.  She has her own teeth.  She can do deep knee bends like a teenager.

Her husband died in 2001.  Just before he was diagnosed with leukemia, Maxine got bad news:  Her eye doctor informed her that she had macular degeneration, and probably within ten years, she wouldn't be seeing much.  We have an aunt with this condition, and she's been very much hindered by it for years.

Maxine told her husband, Russell, that she didn't want their only son and his wife to know because, she reasoned, why should they worry about her any longer than necessary?

But in his dying condition, Russell told their son, because he wanted him to convince his mom to move near them, in Kansas.  He didn't want her to be alone when she could no longer see.   A couple of months after Russell's death, Maxine's daughter-in-law gently let her know that Russell had told her the secret; and they began making long-range preparations for the time she'd have to sell her house in Kansas City and move to central Kansas.

A year after her diagnosis of Macular degeneration, Maxine's eyes had not changed.  Two years, the same.  The doctor said, "Well, sometimes it never gets any worse than it is when it's first diagnosed."

Last year and again this year, there was no deteriation in her eyesight.  The doctor said he doesn't expect her, at this point, to have any  more problems.

If anyone ever deserved such good news, it's my sister.  I am so happy for her.

She still plans, eventually, to move near her son.

I wanted to share this story so that anyone else getting this diagnosis of macular degeneration will know there is hope.  And so you will see how prayers are answered.

I give the glory to a loving God.


tendernoggle said...

I am so happy for your sister!!! ( and you too!) God bless her and keep her in His light...
love ya,

plieck30 said...

Two pretty ladies. My older sister is named Maxine. John has macular degeneration. I have to put a salve in one eye several times a day and drops in the other eye. He drives to the ranch but I do a lot of the intown driving. Glad your sister is doing so well. Paula

lmitc89854 said...

Actually, I  see that you both have the same mouth and smile!

siennastarr said...

You look so protective of her, Mosie!   That is wonderful news that her macular degeneration has not worsened through the years, and, yes, Amen to the power of prayer!
It's nice that the two of you had a chance to visit!  

PS  Thank you for the answer to my 'stupid' question from your prior entry.  I 'thought' you might have been talking about the bull, but I thought you said that we could see what you were talking about in the picture, and all I saw was a calf and it's mommy cow.  So, I think I was a bit cornfused! hee

Not unusual for me at all.. lol


madcobug said...

Actually I think you two do look a lot alike. That is a great picture. One you might want to print and frame for you both. She is in amazingly good health and surely doesn't look her age. Hope her eyesite continues to hold where it's at. Helen

bnanajm said...

Praise God for all he has done for her!!!

Mosie, I disagree.  When I opened your log this morning and saw the picture the first thought that came to mind was "Wow, what a strong resemblance.  The nose is a little different, but the eyes are the same."  In my mind, she does look like you and you do look like sisters.

Not like you and me.........ROFL

Have a great day.


bookncoffee said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the pic of you and your sister.  For a minute there.  I thought your shirt said "Portland, TN" which is close to me.  
Glad your sisters eyes are not getting worse.  That is good news.

deslily said...

It's nice to know there are still miracles...  good news is not always easy to come by.. good to share it when it does.

Still kinda new to all this journaling .. so this is probably something i missed way back when. (I can only read so much with so many journals! lol).. is that your horse in your photo? and what's his/her name?

marainey1 said...

Thanks and praises to our Good Lord !  This is the second journal I've read this evening and both of them with good news !  I hope I'm half as good as she in a few more years...I'm the same age as you are and not doing those deep knee bends so well.  'On Ya' - ma

csandhollow said...

That is wonderful news! And BTW you two look very much alike! Same eyes, chin, smile and cheekbones.

vortexgirl said...

It's always good to hear something possitive for a change.  Maybe her body won't quit because it's afraid of more knee bends.  I know I would be.  lol
I will have to agree that you two both have the same smile, in fact that was the first thing I noticed, the chin and eye shape is very similar as well.