Thursday, October 27, 2005

My husband, the nomad?

Cliff is a home body, always has been.  For at least twenty-five of the almost-forty years we've been married, I milked cows twice a day, so we had a reason (sometimes an excuse) to have to stay home.

Travel has often been cost-prohibitive around here anyway, with Cliff being the only one with a job for so much of our lives.  Things worked out.  We stayed home; it isn't a bad place to be.

In 1993, after some very hard-to-take job losses, Cliff got his present job and our finances started looking up a little with every raise he received.  Somewhere around that time, I sold my last two milk cows, and we began planning for a real vacation.

We went to Colorado a couple of times, buying a popup tent camper somewhere along the line.  We took a trip down through Kentucky and Tennessee.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly; Cliff, not so much.  I'm sure this is partly because I don't drive, so he's the one doing all the work.

But he's always thinking about what he'd be doing at home if he were here.  And often, it is important things that need doing, like putting up hay.  But the plain truth is, he'd just rather be home than anywhere.

Myself, I love to travel.  Not just the arriving at my destination, but the whole jouney there.  I enjoy looking out the window and watching the world go by, and seeing us inch across the map I keep on my lap as we follow the white line.

When I got a job over five years ago, I did some traveling on my own with my newfound funds.  For the first time in my life, I flew on a commercial airplane... to a chat room get-together in Tennessee.  I took a couple of trips on Greyhound busses, but my last jaunt (to Dallas) was pretty unpleasant, and I swore off busses entirely.  The people-watching was great, but there's too much risk of missing a connection in some podunk town and getting stuck there for twenty-four hours until the next bus comes along;  it almost happened to me.

I flew to Virginia and spent a few days with my friend Sue.  I flew into Washington, DC, another time and spent a glorious week with another friend in Virginia, Joanna, and I got goosebumps when I saw my nation's capital for the first time.  I bought airplane tickets for my daughter and myself, and we visited my sister at her winter home in Texas.

Then I quit my job, and the traveling ended.  Cliff fixed my cabin-in-the-woods, so I could "camp out" on our property.  To everything there is a season, and I'm willing to have a season of staying home for vacations, once again.  I've even considered buying a milk cow and some chickens:  after all, if I'm going to be home all the time...

And then, we bought this motorcycle.  Cliff immediately started talking about getting a trailor to pull behind it, so we could take a tent along.  Huh?  A tent?  He's also mentioned that they make little popup campers for motorcycles to pull.

::knocking on Cliff's helmet::  "Hello?  Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?"

Yesterday he was reading a "Wing World" magazine (the Honda Gold Wing periodical), and looked up to tell me about some annual, national gathering of Honda riders called a "Wing Ding".   

Next year it's in Nashville.

"We could do that," he said.

This could work out pretty well, actually.  I have a good Internet friend in Nashville.

Hey Jen, are you going to be home around the 4th of July?


cyandfayedavis said...

Looks like you are in for the "motorcycle" season of your life.  It sounds like it's going to be really exciting.  The thing to remember is ...MAKE THE MOST OF IT...
I know I didn't have to say that cause I feel you always do.  If you make it as far as NC, be sure and let me know.  We'll get together.

deslily said...

Biking can be fun!  My X and I both drove motorcycles.  (re: 2 kids.. one on each bike with us)  We didn't do camping or anything like that, just joy rides and "poker runs".  It was alot of fun... however.. I hope you don't think you will look like you did "before" you got on that bike!  A few hours in a helmet does wonders for your hair! LOL..  I got so that if we made a stop somewhere.. i left the helmet ON! lol..
Have fun biking!!

tillysweetchops said...

When we lived for a spell in the country, we made firends with the farmer and his wife nearby. They ran a dairy farm, and although it was a large enterprise they were very attached to their cows! Dairy farming seems such a lot of hard work, although theses days there's a lot of technology to help with things, isn't there?

Tilly x

ora4uk said...

Well be sure to let us know when you come to Nashville....just three hours away...that would be lotsa time for lunch somewhere...have fun whizzing down the road...and yes...I have seen lotsa bikers with the trailer on the back...looks real impressive and exciting....Hugs...Ora

rjet33 said...

Love that last part, What did you do with my Husband?  So funny, how they change sometimes, isn't it?  Will be much better for you!  I am a homebody, as is my Hubby.  We took weekend vacations while the kids were growing up, but never a week-long vacation, let alone two weeks.  In 2000, we finally got to take a two-week vacation, by the skin of our teeth, to Colorado.  It was wonderful.  Little did I know then that in Nov. of 2001, I would actually move to Colorado!!!! I had the privilege of living there for three years and four months.  I loved every single minute of it.  Unforeseen circumstances brought me back home to Alabama and while Alabama will always be home, Colorado stole my heart!


madcobug said...

Sounds like an exciting life. I used to love to camp. I have seen the cycles pulling a camper and also have seen a pop up camper that was attached to the cycle. Looked like a one man deal though. I just know you and Cliff are really going to enjoy all that camping stuff. Helen

siennastarr said...

I would be scared to death to travel alone!  I am such a baby when it comes to stuff like that!  Go MOSIE! lol

So, a trailer on the end of the motorcyle?  I don't know about that!  
I was cracking up when you said, "Knock Knock, Who are you and what did you do with my husband!"  lol

Too funny!


marainey1 said...

Life never ceases to surprise us - does it???  Good luck with all your travels!  I hope that motorcycle has a very well padded seat.  I'm thinking you may need one for those long trips !  'On Ya' - ma

skisseberth said...

HEY...the Gold Wings are made in Marysville, Ohio ! 'Bout 50 minutes from me !! :)

bnanajm said...

Oh dear meeeeeeee, whatever am I going to do with you two.


I love you both.


lordofbutter said...

Get your motor running....HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY...looking for adventure...and whatever comes our way....

That sounds like so much fun! I always wanted to do that. Drive across country, however me and a motorcycle...nah. I'm too much of a chicken for that.

bookncoffee said...

Oh and my work is just around the corner from the Harley Davidson Cafe and shop.  We eat there a lot.  They have wonderful food, and I love their catfish, served daily.  When will you be here?  Let's do lunch LOL.  

csandhollow said...

2 wheels seem to do something to them! ( us too!)

vortexgirl said...

Nothing real to say other than this entry gave me a big smile.

boodotte said...

ROFL at Cliff.  Brother!  Old dog learning new ways?  Too funny.  I love it.  Was sure good to see pic of Jen again.  Bet you and Cliff are having a ball on that bike.  Enjoy for all it's worth!  Boo