Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy days are here again!

Thanks to a free picture-ad service at Yesterday's Tractors, we sold this old Farmall M for $1,500.  It was the strangest thing, because the man never even talked to us on the phone.  All communication was done by e-mail, and he paid a friend $700 to haul it to Oklahoma for him.  We were paid in cash.  Although the Yesterday's Tractor ads are free, I will paypal a few bucks to them.

Also, today we received the money for Allis.  Cliff will deliver her sometime this coming week.

Oh, I am back on my very own wonderful computer now; my grandson Arick's friend, Lee, came by to fix it... but when I turned it on, it worked fine!  I really felt silly.  Lee told me that I need to clean the dust out of the inside of my computer about once a year.  I had never in my life opened a computer and looked inside, but today I did.  It appeared clean, but I took it to Cliff in the shop and he blew hundreds of dust bunnies out of there with his air compressor.  I don't know where all that gunk came from!  Lee said if there are smokers in a house, the cleaning needs to be done every six months.  I've learned something today. 


vortexgirl said...

Ohhhhhhh, you got rid of DUST BUNNIES!  Be careful because there are a couple of Dust Bunny protectors out there.  lol
I to have had the same problem and I live with a tech guy so I should know better.

ksquester said...

You are supposed to dust under your refrigerator also..........doesn't happen here!  Anne

siennastarr said...

So happy your back!  Period!  In any way, shape or form!  But.. glad that it's on your OWN computer! :)
Oh, and congrats on being the first to answer Patrick's Saturday Six last week!


ryanagi said...

That tractor in the photo is a classic! My huband has an old iron toy version of it from when he was a child. It's really heavy!

marainey1 said...

I know my computer at work needs cleaning, I've asked them about it, but they don't seem to want to do anything.  It's very dusty in there, I'm always dusting, I guess because the paper work and copy machines, printer etc are all right there.
I keep everything important backed up just in case It wants to quit. Glad you got yours back and working so soon!  'On Ya' - ma

bookncoffee said...

Well, I'd never heard of that either....Probably won't happen here.  No smokers now anyway...