Sunday, October 9, 2005

Feeding the multitudes

I got up before 6 AM to get the roast started, the noodles mixed, cut, and drying, and the potatoes peeled.  I made apple cobbler and a sweet potato pie yesterday, and had the chicken for the noodles already cooked and deboned in the freezer.  I got the roll-dough rising before we left for late church.  So after church all I had to do was turn the burner on under the potatoes and roll out the roll-dough and get the rolls cut and rising. 

This was to be Arick's birthday dinner; he turned twenty last Thursday.  His request was a whole Oreo dessert just for him, and I had that prepared; he took the whole thing home with him.  I've learned to make a lot of food on Sundays.  This meal was partly for my daughter Rachel, who got none of Amber's noodles two weeks ago, and whined until I promised to make her some this weekend.

Well, Rachel had surprise company for the weekend, so they brought that couple along for dinner.  Then Cliff's sister, Charlene and her husband Pat rode up on their Harley at EXACTLY dinnertime (they were here yesterday evening, and knew I was going to be cooking).  It was twelve of us in all, but there was plenty of food.  The only thing that disappeared completely was the brocolli and rice casserole... but the mashed potatoes ran a close second!

Once everyone was gone, Cliff and I took the motorcycle on a two-hour cruise.

We've laughed at the name his sister and her husband gave their Harley:  "Thunder".  I assume they chose that because of the typical Harley sound.  I told Cliff we needed to come up with an appropriate name for our sweet-running, very quiet Honda.  We settled on "Lightning".  Since we'll be riding with Charlene and Pat frequently, I think that's appropriate:  Thunder and Lightning.


vortexgirl said...

lol  You cast a lovely shadow by the way and if I knew where you lived I might have showed up myself.  Then again I did make chili in the crock pot and that is all I can smell.

madcobug said...

I was wondering when you were going to show yourself on the Honda with Cliff. Nice shadow you two made. Sounded like a good dinner to me. Helen

thebezar11967 said...

What a small world. I know Dave...He works with Danny who lives down the road from you....Jimmy had a big smile on his face when I told him that you guys purchased the bike and then Danny came in and said that you bought Dave's dads bike.
Well have fun and be careful....Talk to you later

ora4uk said...

Are you gonna get one of those "leather outfits" the other couple have??? hmm??Hugs......

robinngabster said...

Sounds like a wonderful Sunday!!! Sure do wish I lived in your neck of the woods!!!  I can almost smell the apple cobbler from here!  :)


tendernoggle said...

Wow, what a Sunday dinner!!! You had everything planned so neatly, I bet it all just fell in place! Do you have a favorite sweet potato pie receipe? I love sweet potato pie! It is so nice to have family for dinner.
I liked the picture of your shadows...and the bike is awesome!
love ya,

siennastarr said...

You had me at the apple cobbler! lol   Actually your whole dinner sounds so good!  Know wonder people just happen to "drop by" when they know you'll be cooking! ;)
Thunder and Lightening sounds perfect!  
I hope you guys have lots and lots of fun riding your new toy! :)


plieck30 said...

I like the shadow picture and I love the color of your bike. Have fun and for Pete's sake be careful. Paula

marainey1 said...

I love the names for the Harley's - and I was glad to see the Helmets on the heads of all riding.  My DD and her hubby used to have one and they hardly ever wore them.  I was glad to see it go.  I also love the yummy recipes.  I'll have to try it some time when the kids are home...We used to something like the oreo dessert and called 'dirt pudding'  .  It sounds like a wonderful weekend!  Have a great Monday !  'On Ya' - ma

bnanajm said...

Leave it to me to read about Sunday dinner on Monday.  :o)

Love the bike, love the pics, so glad you got it.

csandhollow said...

Ok now I am hungry! The bike looks great! Ilike the name. Fits it. Your GoldWing can out run that Harley anyday! LOL I like the quietness of the Goldwings.