Wednesday, October 26, 2005

an evening at the cabin

I spent almost two hours at the cabin this evening.  I had Native American music softly playing in the background inside the cabin while I sat on the porch.  Mandy had followed me back, but promptly disappeared for over an hour.  When she finally showed up again, she sat on her haunches looking this way and that way into the woods.  At one point she went running down the path and scared up a turkey.  I didn't see it, but I heard it protesting as it took flight.  I could have sworn I heard the persistant meowing of a cat down in the holler, at one point. 

Why is it so comforting to watch a fire burn?  I was almost hypnotized by the flames, which I had to douse when I saw darkness was overtaking me.



madcobug said...

Great pictures. The campfire makes me think of our campfire ring when we had a camper on the water. Good memories. A lot of the campers would gather around the fire at night and talk for a while and toast marshmellows. Helen

siennastarr said...

It's amazing how hypnotic a fire can be!  I love sitting beside one, and just enjoying it's warmth, and the way it draws you in.

Glad you enjoyed your time at the cabin. Precious but few moments...right?

Thanks for sharing the pictures!  I just love when you do that! :)


whitedove3622 said...

We loved our campfires when we had our RV. Spent many peaceful evenings just sitting around the campfire with other campers just enjoying the peace that  a  campfire can bring

bookncoffee said...

Pretty pics, as usual.  I've been enjoying our chilly weather here.  
I didn't get my quiet time til this morning by the way....(aside from sleep, but I prefer to have quiet time when I'm awake. LOL)
Great to catch up with you.