Monday, October 31, 2005

A drizzly, dank, depressing day

It was sprinkling this morning when Cliff decided to get back into the routine of walking a few times a week for his health.  At first I told him to go ahead; my feet and knees were hurting, and I was going to stay home.  Then I decided I'd ride along with him to the park, where the track is, and maybe try one round with him.  "But I'll be slow," I told him.  "So if you need to, just leave me behind and walk at your own pace."

The track is 1/4 mile, circling the little league baseball field.  I made three rounds, Cliff went four.  This from a couple who used to walk three and four miles a day.  But it beats doing nothing.

I must say I'm no worse for the wear tonight, so I'll try it again tomorrow.  That's the day I pick up my shoe inserts, so perhaps the walking will be less painful on Wednesday. 

I am allowing Buddy to have access to Mandy's food now.  I won't be worming him; I don't feel that's my business.  But I just can't let him go hungry.  Speaking of the dogs, they both must be enjoying the rotten calf in the ditch, because Mandy smelled so bad of carrion today that I could barely stand to be near her.  But she was happy!

Both granddaughters came home from school with treats; they'd had parties in their classrooms, and were quite happy.  Among their goodies, they'd each received a set of vampire teeth; and they got on my last nerve with the silly things.  Do you know what kids sound like, trying to talk with vampire teeth in their mouths?  Not to mention what they look like.  To see this picture, you'd never know Monica is on the E honor roll.  (I'm a grandmother, so of course I had to sneak that little brag in.)

Thank goodness Natalie dropped hers outside and decided they were too dirty to keep.  Monica left hers here, soaking by the kitchen sink in a worn-out paper party cup as if they were dentures.


tendernoggle said...

You know it feels so good to walk when you keep at it, but you get all sore when you stop for a while!

marainey1 said...

We just finished with trick or treat.  I think we had more big kids than little this year.  That was disappointing.  I love to see the little ones.  Grand'ma's are allowed to brag!  I do it all the time !  What else have I got to brag about???
'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Our Megan came by Sunday with some of those plastic teeth. I didn't think to take a pic of her. Cute one of Monica. Helen

madcobug said...

P.S. Glad you decided to feed Buddy. Poor thing. You have a good heart. Helen

siennastarr said...

LOL!  I remember when my kids clicked and clacked around the house, trying to talk with those darn things in their mouths!

Another question for you teacher... :)   (Showing my stupidity yet again)  Doesn't it make the dogs sick to eat that rotten old carrion?   I don't suppose it does, or you wouldn't let them near it, and I know that wild animals feed on carrion, but I never thought that house pets did.  I know.. I know!  I can't believe I'm so dumb about stuff like this..


grahamfarmga said...

Cute picture!

csandhollow said...

Yuck! I always hated it when they ate dead stuff!