Sunday, October 2, 2005

Autumn happenings in Missouri

Yesterday Cliff and I went to our favorite orchard with the intentions of getting another bushel or two of Fuji apples, our favorites.  Turns out the early Fujis are sold out, and the late Fujis won't be ready until mid-month, if then.  We settled for some Golden Delicious and Gala apples, and a small bag of Jonathans. 

After Church and an early dinner  here (at my house, that's the noon meal), Cliff and I took Monica and Natalie to Missouri Town 1855.  This weekend is their fall festival, so there was plenty going on.  The girls and I did the cake-walk (50 cents apiece) and Natalie won.  Which meant I carried a cake with me for the rest of our time there on a 90 degree day, with the icing slowly sliding down the sides of the cake.

In the old schoolhouse was a story-teller that both girls would have gladly listened to all day.  All this would have made wonderful photo opportunities, but I neglected to take my spare battery-pack along.  So the picture of us in front of the Teepee, about ten minutes after we arrived, was the last one before the battery died.  (Hey Rachel, I guess it runs in the family!)

There are more special events at Missouri Town in the coming weeks, and also at Fort Osage, which is much nearer to us.  Since the girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy their afternoon, we may have to take in a few more of these old-timey local happenings.

P.S.  The Chiefs just scored again:  Chiefs 24, Eagles 6.



ora4uk said...

I have done that with my camera also....but enjoyed what pics you had....and the apple situation made me so hungry..had to eat an apple....course mine came from orchard(don't know which one) via Kroger Produce LOL....was come apples always taste better in the fall?????  God Bless ya

csandhollow said...

I love fujis! Brook's fall festivle is next week. Our class is doing the cake walk. I will be baking a few for it.