Thursday, October 27, 2005

another walk in the woods

Cliff and I went riding on the Honda this morning.  We had to watch the time, because school let out at 1 PM today.  We knew we had to be back before the granddaughters arrived at our house.

Cliff has gotten the microphones in our helmets working, so now we can converse easily as we travel on the Gold Wing.

We went by one of Cliff's former employers, but he wasn't home (Tom, in case my kids want to know).  Then we went by my cousin Betty's house; she was working, but her husband was there.  So we visited with him briefly.

Next, we went grocery shopping!  With all those saddlebags, we had room for yogurt and milk and orange juice and cheese and tomato soup for my granddaughters!

After Cliff left for work, my granddaughters and I (and a neighbor kid who tagged along) went hiking in the woods.  The girls now know what itch-weed is (stinging nettle, for you purists).  And they want to hike again tomorrow anyway.

Life is good.


bookncoffee said...

You are having too much fun.  :>)  I'm sure you like the microphones.  That's great.

skisseberth said...

Puts a smile on our face ..we know how much joy there is in those grandchildren. They will remember the hiking with their Grandma, and the cabin forever !  What a blessing !

marainey1 said...

Once and only once I found out about stinging nettle...ouch!  I'm glad you all are having good weather to get out and do things, It's raining here again today !  They say the weekend will bring some sun!  'On Ya' - ma

deslily said...

I'm waiting for my adoption papers!!  tap tap tap

ravenlark2 said...

Sounds like a great morning with the hubby.

Hmmmm one question though, did the granddaughters learn what itch-weed is the hard way or by asking grandma? hehehehe

I had to learn everything the hard way when I was growing up. Thankfully...itch weed wasn't one of my lessons. *Grins*


amy122389 said...

hee hee...motorcycle momma.  We saw a woman on a motorcycle this past week and I started to giggle because the woman was wearing a bikini top and I thought 'Hmm...I wonder if Donna is gonna go for that look come summer...'  LOL  


ora4uk said...

I know that sticker plant...we have them here...they hurt when you touch them....bummer....and that is one happy horse....and two sweet looking cuties....LOL....Hugs...Ora

lordofbutter said...

Life does sound good. Even on the back of a Honda!!!

madcobug said...

That stigging nettle will drive a person insane. Us kids used to chase each other down and rub that stuff on each other. I recon if one is miserable all should be miserable. Are you sure you are not form Alabama?? LOL. Helen

boodotte said...

These pics are just priceless.  Boy, those girls will never forget these days with grandma.  And you and Cliff in your motorcycle garb are just too much.  I think those who have met you know best how to appreciate your sensibility here.  Keep these photos coming.  They sure brightened my day.  The Lord sure has blessed you two.  Boo