Monday, October 31, 2005

about the Vivi awards

Picture from Hometown

I refused to vote for the stupid Vivi's.  I don't like awards.  I don't like to pit one person against another... much less one friend against another.  (This could be a result of being a Kansas Chiefs fan, I don't know:  it gets to the point where you dread every contest.)  I will never, never vote in the Vivi contest.

So why am I staying up past my bedtime, wishing they'd hurry up and post the results? 

No, I didn't vote.  I never will.  But I still want the results. 

Right now.


robinngabster said...

You silly girl you!

bookncoffee said...

I didn't even know what they were but I got a nomination by one person and someone sent an email saying I'd been nominated...but then I think they voted down to fewer nominations. I noticed I didn't make that cut? LOL.  It was ok by me as I didn't know what it was anyway.  I'm not even sure how it works.  I guess I hadn't noticed this the year before.  Or if I did, I don't remember it being called ViVi and what does ViVi stand for?  Anyway, I suppose if these are the best of the best, then we'll be led to some new journals.  

deslily said...

I kinda feel the same.. maybe not as strongly as you, but i don't write my journal as if i am in some sort of competition.  It is nice that it leads us to other journals though.  I didn't vote either, though some of the journals I read were nominated.

siennastarr said...

I know how you feel... it does seem kind of unfair and biased at times, but I played along, and I did vote, because I got so caught up in the whole thing.  There really are alot of very good journals out there, and some very talented writers, but I still think it has alot to do with popularity, more than anything, at least with alot of the ones that I saw that were nominated.  Just my opinion though.  

Guess since I am such a "follower", I should just keep my mouth shut..


lordofbutter said...

I admit my ego went rampant for a day when I was nominated. After that it's all good, and mellow. GO me.

tendernoggle said...

lol!!! Made me laugh at that one!!!

csandhollow said...